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      1. Services & Support

        Whether in person, by phone or via our website: Our services and support team will assist you in all issues regarding test and measurement applications.

        Services:?Your measurement technology in safe hands

        Accurate measurement results during testing and inspection are crucial for your success in the market. Do not leave the success of your measurement projects to chance. Rely on the know-how from the measurement technology experts from HBM.

        Our competent team of engineers and technicians is ready to support you with a wide range of services in all phases of your measurement projects, whether before or after you purchase.

        Your project counts. And with our service contracts that are individually tailored to your needs, you are assured of being on the safe side, whether you require all the services or only a few of them.

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        HBM has vast application knowledge, allowing us to manufacture and supply custom OEM sensors for a range of applications.
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        Gain real insight into you wind turbine by monitoring it through HBM high quality measurement systems plus professional on-site installation.
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        Custom Solutions
        Perfectly integrated custom solutions: Be it an application in the lab or in industrial production - we are looking forward to solving your challenge.

        Seminars & Trainings

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        Looking for measurement technology news, useful information or tips & tricks? HBM offers an extensive choice of recorded webinars.

        Technical Support: Professional support for your measurement tasks

        Always there for you: the HBM measurement technology experts.

        Our measurement technology experts look forward to answering any questions you may have about your complex measurement setups - they are all professionals in their field of application. Feel free to ask as for advice - even if you do not have a support contract. Your contact in our in-house technical support team will be pleased to handle your request.

        Do you have any questions about installing or operating your HBM test and measurement equipment?

        Global support

        HBM's support does not end at your national borders. It is as global as your company demands.

        HBM offers you:

        • Global support network
        • Representatives in over 60 countries on all continents
        • Remote maintenance and support possibilities

        Remote maintenance and support

        Sharing your PC screen or data recorder will lead to the solution faster. We therefore use TeamViewer software for remote maintenance for:

        • Remote maintenance based on 24/7 access to remote computers or servers
        • Remote access to your data and applications - mobile and flexible

        Exchanging large data packets

        Do you want to analyze large files resulting from long duration measurements or provide a beta software package for download? We are reliably and quickly linked with you in a network via a virtual drive. You will obtain your logon credentials by email from us to enable you to save your data to the drive.

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        At our facilities, experts will examine the defective components and quickly and thoroughly perform the relevant repair.
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        Tips & Tricks
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        Video Tutorials and FAQ
        Product overview and how to videos from the HBM experts to help answer your frequently asked questions.
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