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      1. Optical Interrogators and Data Acquisition Modules

        FBG sensors are easy to install, electromagnetically safe and can also be used in highly explosive atmospheres, but having the right interrogator in place is important to retrieve the most accurate measurements.

        Suitable for large scale sensing networks, HBM's optical interrogators provide precise and high resolutionstatic and dynamic measurements 24/7 through reliable software interfaces.

        What is an optical interrogator?

        An optical interrogator, also known as measurement unit or data acquisition system, is an optoelectronic instrument, which allows the reading of optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors in static and dynamic monitoring applications.

        An interrogator can measure a large sensing network composed by various types of sensors (such as strain, temperature, displacement, acceleration, tilt…) connected along multiple fibers, by acquiring data simultaneously and at different sampling rates.

        During data acquisition, the interrogator measures the wavelength associated with the light reflected by the optical sensors and then converts it into engineering units.

        All devices communicate via Ethernet for data transmission. Data can be saved, archived and analyzed with powerful software such as catman or EVIDAS. Integration into your own system via different communication protocols (e.g. CANbus or PROFIBUS) is also possible.

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