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      1. HBM's fast and competent repair service

        We will gladly support you when your measurement technology needs repairing. At our facilities, experts will examine the defective components and quickly and thoroughly perform the relevant repair. Our proximity to the product developers ensures that we can also resolve difficult situations for you.

        Materials Return Authorization

        Would you like to send us one of your HBM products for repair? Then please proceed as follows:

        1. Complete the MRA form and describe the repair work required as accurately as possible
        2. You will immediately be given a unique repair number, to which you can always refer
        3. Please print out your confirmation email from HBM and enclose it with your shipment.

        Technical contact

        HBM customer data

        Repair inquiry details

        Error Frequency

        Additional questions

        Contact us Please send a message and a representative will contact you shortly.